Kingee Culture

About Us

Kingee culture was established on November 26, 2007 with registered capital 0.648 billion yuan. On January 27, 2014, it went public in Shenzhen Securities Exchange with stock code 002721. Main businesses of the company include design and research & development of gold and jewelry, brand operation, supply chain finance and internet finance.

Based on the current situation of Chinese gold and jewelry industry and the profound understanding, thinking and practice on its future development, Kingee will regard demands of customers as the guidance and regard multi-dimensional platform construction as the origin of force to establish coexisting value chain and integrated ecological system in virtue of internet data information. Kingee will ceaselessly integrate creative design resource, brand customer data resource, on-line and off-line terminal store resource, modern logistics intelligentization production and service resource in Chinese jewelry industry. It will establish a business ecosystem facing completely new experiencing of customers and multidimensionally structure supply chain system platform, on-line and off-line transaction platform, e-commerce and internet finance platform etc.. Those will transfuse vitality and impetus to the development of Chinese jewelry industry, then achieve fission and breakthrough of the industrial strength and competitiveness of Kingee and therefore create and share value for the main participants of Kingee ecosystem at each level.