Core value of Kingee

Great dream, great goal, great enterprise and great life are all achieved by struggle.

The five methods of struggle advocated by Kingee: practical struggle, brave struggle, skillful struggle, freewill struggle, studious struggle.

Mission of Kingee

Resource will be exhausted; only culture will be in an endless succession. All creative products are created by wisdom of human. The culture contains knowledge, technique, management, sentiment…; it also contains all intangible factors which can promote the development of productivity. 

Kingee regards popularizing human’s culture and presenting gold to people as its duty. It makes contributions to the society depending on development of the company. It will make unremitting endeavor for prospering our great motherland, revitalizing Chinese ethnic peoples and inheriting human’s spiritual wealth and material wealth. 

Prospect of Kingee

Culture creativity industry is the fortune brought by creativity and intelligence; it is the integration of techniques, economy and culture; at the same time, it is a product jointly manufactured by political background, cultural background and economic background of the whole time. Culture creativity industry contains creativity, cultural deposits and intellectual property. It is an energy-saving ecological industry with high risks and high additional values. The economic value of future development is inestimable. 

In future development blueprint, Kingee will integrate more resource superiorities and structure cultural industry chain with innovative pattern. In the aspect of group scale, Kingee will gradually establish foreign operating center and make Kingee culture group step toward the international. While products of Kingee incorporate eastern culture and western culture, they push forward Chinese culture to the world.